I try really hard to make advertising that doesn't look like advertising. But sometimes clients just want TV commercials and online videos. These are some of the results of some of those sometimes. 

Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut wanted young people to eat their new light and airy Handcrafted Crust more often. So we made this spot showing young people eating it more often. 
Exxon Mobil
World Without Engineers
A series of kind-of weird and funny videos showing teens what their world would look like without engineers as a way to get them thinking about taking engineering in university. 
Featured in: AgencySpy //AdWeek // Buzzfeed // American Chemistry Council

"Fitness Tracker"​​​​​​​

"Text Message"

"Watch Something Else"

"Phone Call"


"New Car"

NorthStar Bets
That's A Win
While other casino & sportsbooks were hiring Wayne Gretzky, The Trailer Park Boys, or that woman from Curb Your Enthusiasm who swears a lot, we launched NorthStar Bets by creating our own, more premium spokesperson with an actually interesting personality and with more to say than just “Betting is fun”.

0:30 "Spoils"

0:15 "Mirrors"

Medieval Campaign
A nation-wide launch campaign that took belairdirect from a small Quebec-based insurance company to a legit competitor in the Canadian insurance landscape. 
Awards: Applied Arts

"500 Potatoes"

"130 Horses"

"Giddy Up"


Unions are Fucking Great
Unions have a problem - people either don't think about them or don't like them. So we created a chest-beating anthem to tell Canadians how Fucking Great unions really are. Since its first run, it's been picked up by dozens other union chapters across Canada.  
Virgin Plus
Virgin Mobile is Dead,
Long Live Virgin Plus
Virgin Mobile was rebranding in Canada to Virgin Plus, and they needed a kick ass TVC to announce it. 
Vampire Break Up
5 Hours?!!?
UP Express
Warm Welcome Squad
To help promote UP Express, and their return-trip ‘Meeter & Greeter’ ticket, we hired a squad of grandparent’s to give travellers a Warm Welcome to Toronto. The campaign more than doubled visitors to and made one weary traveller cry actual tears.

"Give A Warm Welcome"