RyanLawrence.com was taken. Likely by someone else named Ryan Lawrence. The nerve. But when life gave me lemons, I made RyanLawrencedotcom.com, which is a much funnier URL.

Anyways, Hi. I’m Ryan, a copywriter and creative director who solves business problems through creativity. I believe the best advertising affects and creates culture, gets people talking and sharing, and travels to more places than any media plan ever could. 

I’ve put this belief into practice at agencies in Toronto, New York City, and Sydney, Australia, where I’ve helped win awards and new business at every stop along the way.

I like ideas more than I like ads. I also like frogs, plants, cycling, Fortnite, Manchester United, Marvel trading cards and long walks on the beach. Just kidding. Walking on sand hurts my calves. The nerve. 

Leo Burnett // BBDO // GREY // SID LEE // Clemenger BBDO Sydney // BBDO New York // Tribal DDB // Proximity BBDO​​​​​​​