RyanLawrence.com was taken. Likely by someone else named Ryan Lawrence. The nerve. But when life gave me lemons, I made RyanLawrencedotcom.com, which is a much funnier URL.
Anyways, Hi. I’m Ryan, a Copywriter and Creative director who tries really, really hard to make advertising that doesn’t look or feel like advertising. You know, the kind of advertising people actually like. 
I’ve been lucky enough to do this at agencies in Toronto, New York City, and Sydney, Australia, helping win awards and new business at nearly every stop along the way.
Along with advertising, I'm also a pretty big fan of frogs, plants, cycling, Fortnite, Manchester United, Marvel trading cards, and long walks on the beach. Just kidding. Walking on sand hurts my calves. The nerve. 

Leo Burnett // BBDO // GREY // SID LEE // Clemenger BBDO Sydney // BBDO New York // Tribal DDB // Proximity BBDO​​​​​​​