Pizza Hut
Pepperoni Hug Spot

When A.I. stole from Pizza Hut, Pizza Hut stole from A.I. and made its pizza for real. 

In April 2023, an A.I.-created pizza commercial broke the internet. Cool, right? Wrong! Because it borrowed heavily from Pizza Hut’s IP. So Pizza Hut "borrowed" back, and did the one thing A.I. can't do - brought the A.I. pizza to life for real. Take that, A.I.!!!
The Original A.I. Video
I can’t stress enough that we had nothing to do with making this. It was made by @pizza_later. But if you don’t know the video, our execution makes no sense. 
"Borrowed" IP? That font looks familiar...So does that red roof...
How it came to life
Less than a week after Pepperoni Hug Spot hit the internet, Pizza Hut launched The Pepperoni Hug pizza and transformed one of their Toronto locations into a Pepperoni Hug Spot.
Everything from their socials to Google Maps to online ordering to uniforms became Pepperoni Hug Spot.
Case Study
In less than a week, Pepperoni Hug Spot generated 87% more organic social impressions than Pizza Hut usually gets in a month, a 70% increase in organic social engagement, and (in only 2 days) 20 million earned impressions
One Show, Webby's, Clio's, Epica Awards, Marketing Awards, Atomics, Applied Arts
Role: CD
AD: Danielle Zablocki
CW: London Choi
Agency: Leo Burnett, Toronto