Rooftop Orchard Glampground
A fancy campsite on the roof of a downtown Toronto skyscraper designed to help young people connect with nature in the city. ​​​​​​​
Role: ACD, CW
Copywriter: Gabrielle Makarewicz
Agency: SID LEE Toronto
Heineken Cities
Open Your City Portal
Giving bar-goers the chance to do something different for a change, like go to a cool bar on the other side of town they've never been to before for an experience they would otherwise never have.​​​​​​​
Role: ACD
Team: Mike Blackmore, Mike Lee
Agency: SID LEE Toronto
Heineken Draught
Billboard Bar

To promote Heineken Draught to the hip, young people of Toronto, we created a street-level billboard that transformed into a bar serving ice cold Heineken Draught to people on their way home from work. 
Role: ACD, CW
Creatives: Whitney Tam, Haley Koehn
CDs: Kelsey Horne, Alexis Bronstorph
Agency: SID LEE