Champs Sports
Hard Hinting the Holidays​​​​​​​

Helping teens get what they really want for Christmas by ambushing their friends and family with fake banner ads and viral videos.
Case Study​​​​​​​
Banner Ad Takeover
A chrome browser extension that let teens turn every banner ad on their parents computer into an ad for them and the gear they wanted from Champs Sports.
Viral Video Hacks
Four real-looking viral videos teens could hack with their face and wish list and then trick their parents/girlfriend/grandma/whoever into watching.​​​​​​​
Web Videos
We also showed teens a bunch of other ways to Hard Hint the gifts they want from Champs. Starring straight talking ESPN analyst Jon Gruden.
Awards & Press
Webby Awards // Young Guns Award // Golden Award of Montreux // Caples // New York Festivals // Epica Awards

Complex // SneakerNews // UPROXX // AgencySpy // Freshness // Kicks On Fire

Role: Copywriter
Partner: James Kuczynski
CDs: Alex Taylor, Jason Stefanik
Agency: BBDO NY