A collection of other ads, projects, and ideas I helped bring to life.
When you lay down and watch Netflix, you have to crane and twist your neck to watch it right side up. So, we created a Chrome browser extension that rotates your screen 90° and lets you  watch Netflix lying down in comfort. Take that, slightly annoying first world problem.
Winner at: One Show, ADCC, Marketing. Seen in: TV Insider. 
Miami Ad School
First Chapter Project
Giving advertising copywriters the chance to get their unfinished novels published.​
Press: AgencySpy, Muse by Clio, Stimulant, SHOTS, Modern Copywriter, Campaign UK, AdWeek
Awards: Comm Arts, Applied Arts, Applied Arts Design
Tim Tam
Choctail Glasses
Tim Tam's are an Australian icon. To celebrate the release of their Limited Edition Cocktail Flavours, we created cocktail glasses made out of Tim Tam's.​​​​​​​
Truth or Dare
To launch 5Gum’s Truth or Dare packs in Australia, we used parabolic speakers to challenge passersby to a secret game of Truth or Dare that only they knew they were playing. 
See the World, See the Savings
Working with artist Mark Wagner, we created collages from cut up American currency depicting popular travel destinations to show people the money AT&T's roaming plans could save them. 
Hung In: Amarillo Museum of Art // Pavel Zoubok Gallery NYC // Un Jour de plus à Paris