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Day of Mourning​​​​​​​

Getting workers to rethink workplace safety by creating a custom typeface and safety signs that memorialize people who died in workplace accidents.

For the Day of Mourning, the international day to mourn people who died from work-related accidents, we first created a custom typeface that used the faces and stories of Canadians who died at work to make the letters, so each letter represented one deceased worker. 
Safety Signs
The typeface and stories were then used to create workplace safety signs that gave workers a more relevant and immediate reason to pause and rethink their workplace safety. 
Streetcar Takeover
To extend the campaign, we created a special In Memoriam streetcar. Wrapped in black, and with the TypeFaces posters inside, it travelled through downtown Toronto so people from all workplaces could see the campaign. 

The day before the official Day of Mourning, we closed the streetcar to the public during the evening rush hour. When the streetcar pulled up to a stop, but didn't let people on, the copy on its side delivered our message - to remember those who died at work and never made their commute home. 

Awards & Press
Cannes // One Show //Marketing // Applied Arts // Atomic Awards

BlogTO // CTV News // Daily Hive // Electrical Business Magazine // Sign Media // CUPE 2191 // CUPE 2361 // TrendHunter 
Role: ACD, CW
Partner: Ryan McNeill
Team: Oskars Trinitis, Cory Hansen 
Agency:GREY Toronto