Solving Campbell’s relevance problem the same way you solve most problems: with alcohol. 

Campbell's had an awareness problem with millennial shoppers. They want unique, crafted food experiences, but when they think about Campbell's, they think casseroles. To get millennials to see Campbell's in a new light, we knew more food recipes wouldn't do the trick. We needed something completely different and unexpected. 
Partnering with actual, real mixologists, we turned 4 of Campbell's unique broth flavours into 4 deliciously unique Campbell's Brothtails. 
We created Campbell's first-ever age-gated website and delivered Brothtail recipes alongside food recipes that use the same broth as the cocktails, so you can pair your drinks perfectly to your food. 
Ok, but do they taste good?
It's the question everyone asks. Because, like... broth? I assure you they do, but try them for yourself. 
My favourite is the Pork Ramen Mezcal Margarita, for what it's worth. 
Press & Reactions​​​​​​​
Brothtails were PR'd to local blogs and news sites, which were then picked up by international media, and then exploded on social media, delivering more than 46 million impressions, 1,600% increase in organic social engagement and a 69% increase in brand mentions.

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Role: CD, CW
AD: Angelo Roldan
Agency: Leo Burnett, Toronto