NorthStar Bets
90 Minute Stat Holiday

Celebrating Canada's men's first World Cup in 36 years with a 90-minute stat holiday. 

For the first time in 36 years, Canada's men's soccer team was back in the World Cup. Just one problem... their first game back was on a Wednesday at 2pm. Bang in the middle of the workday. So, we created a 90-minute stat holiday and invited all Canadians to take off work when Canada takes the field. 

We launched with an open letter to Canadians in print and social...
Then spread the word by targeting specific businesses and job types in OOH...
...and on LinkedIn. 
We also created posts that business leaders could use to announce their company is taking the holiday, and tag and encourage others to do the same.    
Response & Results 
Clio Sports, One Show, The CMAs, Webby's
Role: Creative Director
ACD, AD: Natee Likitsuwankool
ACD, CW: Appanna Chetranda
Agency: Leo Burnett, Toronto